If you've always wanted to take a vacation with your canine companion or three, this camp is for you!

Inspired by a rustic dude ranch in British Columbia that welcomes dogs, watching the pure joy on the faces of my dogs as they trotted down the trail beside the horses, I decided Washington needed a similar style getaway, sans the horses. Maian Meadows Dog Camp was born.

My two Malamutes Maia and Meadow inspired me to develop this camp in 2002 so that we could enjoy the company of other dogs and their people in an off-leash, natural setting. (Their names became the camp's name.) Sadly they are both gone now, but their successors - Aussie Finn MacCool and Malamute Conall - keep me enthused about offering this unique vacation experience to others.

I know there are many who, like me, thrive on watching their canine companions play and romp with their friends, who delight in spoiling their dogs. This camp is for all those who consider their dogs their best friends and seek an enriching bonding experience.

If you want intense instruction in competitive obedience or agility, there are other camps that provide that. Maian Meadows Dog Camp is for the fun and pure joy of playing with our canine companions in an off leash environment and rustic setting. All "competitions" are of the silly and goofy variety. There are plenty of structured activities for those who want them, but you can come simply to socialize and relax as well. No set agenda. While some general rules are necessary for everyone's safety and enjoyment, I want to keep camp as loose and free as possible. I simply ask that you arrive with a smile on your face, an upbeat congenial attitude, and a well-socialized, friendly dog (or two or three) in tow.

Let's play!



(Rebecca with Maia and Meadow, camp inspirations and namesakes, and Finn MacCool, 2012)