Games of skill with your dog!

Hide and seek, musical chairs, baseball, speedy bling, timed ball scooping (using a poop scooper) and many more!

Best Sloppy Kiss
This will be a timed event.  Yes - the prize goes to the dog who kisses his or her guardian the longest, without interruption!

Longest Ears
Floppy or straight up, doesn't matter.

Shortest Legs
Easy, if you're a Corgi.

Go Long!
How's that eye to mouth coordination (the dog's, not yours)? If you toss it, can he/she catch it? Distance over form wins this contest.

Most Energetic and Most Laid Back
I'll be watching.  At the end of the weekend, I'll award prizes for these "best of camp" categories.

Best Trick
Have you and your canine companion come up with a unique trick, dance, conversation?  Show us!

Costume Contest
Like to play dress up? Too shy to strut your own stuff, but willing to have your dog show off? Great! Start creating now and pack your best doggie costume. Competition is fierce! Limited only by your own imagination and your dog's willingness to participate.

Limerick Contest

Create a limerick about your dog, or dogs in general; read it at the evening campfire.  Best limericks win prizes. Examples:


All the best dogs go to camp

And run up the agility ramp

     then dash to the beach

     and swim out of reach

Of those humans who hate when they're damp!


Camp dogs all go with the flow

And bask by the campfire's warm glow

     after all of the play

     during the long weekend's stay

They go home tired and moving real slow!


Let those creative writing juices flow! Let your dog inspire you!