Dogs must be in good health, free of contagious diseases and fleas, and current on vaccines (titers okay).
 All dogs must be well socialized and house trained. No dogs that have demonstrated any aggressive tendencies toward people or have seriously bitten another dog are allowed in camp. If your dog has aggression or fear problems with other dogs, please email or call to discuss whether camp is appropriate for your dog. Dogs with "issues" may be required to be on leash during some camp activities, and/or wear a special bandanna noting that they require extra space.
 Dogs must not bark excessively, especially during nighttime hours.
 Dogs shall not be left unattended except for brief periods of time (during meals) in their cabins or your vehicle. You may want to bring a portable crate or pen for your dog's comfort and safety in your cabin.
 No dogs in heat. If your dog comes into heat during camp, you will be asked to leave, without refund.
 If you wish to bring more than one dog, each additional dog will be an extra $10.00 to cover the gobs of gifts and prizes given out to each and every dog.
 Dogs are allowed in cabins and other buildings, but are allowed in the dining facility only when meals aren't being served.


No whining (see waiver)!

Each person must immediately clean up his or her dog's poop.
There will be plastic bags and trash cans available.

NO SMOKING in any buildings or common areas. If you really must smoke, please do so away from other campers. SMOKING VERY STRONGLY DISCOURAGED.

If your dog displays repeated aggressive behaviors that negatively impact the camp experience for other campers or dogs, Maian Meadows Dog Camp reserves the right to demand that you leave without refund. Many negative behaviors can and will be worked on in the camp setting, but some are beyond what can reasonably be accommodated. If you have any concerns, please call to discuss your situation before arriving in camp.

Camp Zanika has a swimming dock where humans and dogs can swim. The dock is open to people only when lifeguards are on duty, but the beaches are open for dog swimming at any time. Remember, though - we're in the mountains, so the water will be COLD!

No alcohol allowed on camp premises.

Absolutely no propane or gas lanterns or stoves will be allowed in cabins. You can bring electric lights and space heaters.