About Maian Meadows

Rebecca, Dog Camp Owner/Director from 2002 – 2021 shares how dog camp came to be:

In 2002 I created Maian Meadows Dog Camp in Washington State, an environment for safe, off-leash play for dogs and people who rarely get to experience it. With each new session – usually one in June, one in September – I felt like an alchemist, stirring just the right ingredients to create a weekend full of fresh air, rustic cabins, forests and lakes, dog-centered activities, comfort food and—most importantly—the shared unconditional love of several happy dogs all together in one place. The result is always magical.

Over the past two decades I befriended many wonderful people and dogs, each bringing their unique personalities, histories and relationships to the mix that is dog camp. Several campers became “veterans,” returning year after year, making sessions feel like happy family reunions while also welcoming new campers into the fold. Sadly, too many of the dogs and a few of their people have passed away over those twenty years, but each new year and session brings together veteran and new people and dogs, keeping the dog camp family vibrant and thriving as we remember those no longer with us, share memories, and create new ones.

I’m thrilled that Tina – with the help of Cedar and Luna – is going to keep Maian Meadows Dog Camp going! I’m grateful that the dog camp legacy, inspired by my dogs Maia and Meadow, will continue to live on as my dogs, Finn and Conall, and I head out on new adventures. Maian Meadows Dog Camp couldn’t be in better hands. I am going to miss you all! 

Tina, Dog Camp Owner/Director from 2021 – ? looking to the future:

Around 10 years ago I was sitting in front of a computer screen at work thinking about what I’d rather be doing.  The absolute dream that came to mind would be camping with my dog and other people with their dogs in a fun, casual, natural setting.  I googled dog camp and was delighted to find Maian Meadows Dog Camp.  The dream existed!  I signed Cedar and I up then and there for the next session and have been attending every session I could since then.  I have met the very best people and the very best dogs at dog camp. When I found that I had the opportunity to carry this dream on and keep camp alive, I was happy to do so!  Also Cedar and Luna said they’d bite my ankles every day for the rest of their lives if I didn’t do it. 

While it won’t be the same without Rebecca there, dog camp will continue in the spirit she started it with – a welcoming, friendly place for dog lovers to come play with other crazy dog people and their dogs.  I am looking forward to seeing you at dog camp!

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